Our comprehensive range of time-definite, guaranteed, and cost-saving options enables us to meet your air freight requirements with confidence and reliability.

ICR (India) Pvt.Ltd is specialized in air transportation services since 2000, ICR (India) Pvt.Ltd airfreight solutions offer you the flexibility to meet a variety of transit time requirements from “yesterday to next week” while allowing you to manage your transportation costs effectively. Through our extensive network around the world you have access to all your markets through a single source.

Our Preferred Carriers Program leverages our strategic partnerships with airlines to provide access to whatever capacity you need at rates you can afford and transit times that meet your shipment requirements. ICR (India) Pvt.Ltd dedicated team ensures your freight is handled with the utmost security while complying with all customs and regulatory provisions. we equip our customer with e-Airway Bill printing option and real time shipment tracking.


Through our extensive agency network we provide a full array of global freight services. We can handle almost any size shipments, from LCL to FCL and oversized cargoes.

ICR (India) Pvt.Ltd s complete ocean freight service enables you to ship large, long lead-time orders cost-effectively, while retaining vital visibility and avoiding costly delays and demur rage charges.

ICR (India) Pvt.Ltd advises clients of the best rates, routing, and modes of transporting goods to or from any area in the world. Using the vast resources at our disposal, we find the “right match” of services available so that products are moved by the most timely and cost-effective means.

ICR (India) Pvt.Ltd is also aware of the ever-changing regulations affecting cargo movements, such as foreign documentation requirements, hazardous materials rules, regulations, special handling or packaging restrictions, and any applicable licensing provisions.

Our range of ocean freight services is designed to meet all your shipping needs:

  • NVOCC FCL and LCL – FCL contract management and LCL consolidation/ deconsolidation to secure you the most competitive prices
  • Ocean freight management service – administration of shipping activities related to our customers’ contract with a carrier
  • Break bulk – transportation of break bulk cargo


Flexibility is a vital component of all our offerings, express service is no different, we offer both courier and air freight services. Express services is for time sensitive parcels. We respond to your changing requirements and create solutions that fit your budget.


The simplest way of Delivery in which Urgent Couriers are carried in person via a dedicated professional on a boarded flight and is then delivered .

How does it work?
A professional picks up your shipment and boards the soonest possible flight to your location of delivery. The shipment is placed either in the hood or in the cabin depending on its size and weight. On arrival the customs are cleared and delivery is done in the most express way possible.

OBC and it’s benefits :

  • can be done on urgent basis
  • multiple parcels carried in one travel
  • the total load can be up to 150 kg with each parcel not weighing more than 20-30 kg(depending on airline)